Robin Bodhi, LMT is a licensed massage therapist (OR 12722). She has worked as an LMT in a variety of medical settings, as well as in her own privately owned practice for over 20 years.

Robin tailors her bodywork to each individual’s needs, utilizing her skill and intuition to assess the best approach for optimal healing and pain relief.  Her style is therapeutic with an emphasis on deep tissue, trigger point therapy, and lymphatic drainage.  Robin’s former massage experience was in medical settings, where she helped establish the massage therapy program at St. John’s Regional Hospital in Springfield, MO.  With an understanding of the medical model as well as a holistic approach, Robin offers thorough bodywork and education to help her clients maintain optimal well-being.

In her spare time, Robin loves to be in nature, including camping, hiking, hanging by a river, and spending time with family and her community of friends.

Robin received her massage training in 1995 and has been licensed in 3 states. She studied Biology at Western New Mexico University and received her B.S. in 2005.