Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy Practitioners like Elsa teach the importance of properly prepared nutrient dense whole foods that are delicious, nourish our bodies, and restore good health. The goal of Nutritional Therapy is to encourage people to become knowledgeable about and responsible for their own health, and to bring it to a personal optimum level. Elsa has designed a few options for you:

  • RESTART ProgramRESTART Program:  5-week program: An empowering combination of small group nutritional education with a guided 3-week sugar detox. Click here for upcoming class times with Elsa Mitchell DPT, CLT-LANA, NTP
  • New Leaf Nutrition 1013-week program: An introduction to understanding and preparing for the foundations of a properly prepared nutrient dense whole foods diet including pantry and fridge cleansing, discovering the ‘Dirty Dozen and the Clean 15’, shopping and food prep tips, how to balance your macronutrient ratio, and mindfulness eating habits.
  • Private nutritional therapy counseling

Includes an evaluation of your nutritional assessment questionnaire to help identify your top health priorities, review of your 3 day food journal, and development of an individualized nutrition plan.