Gentle Yoga to Increase Mobility

The benefits of yoga are endless and works to objectively address every aspect of our being.  A yoga practice helps to realign, heal, balance and re-integrate the various “bodies” of the practitioner (physical, mental, emotional, energetic, etc) by targeting the nervous system through breath control and intentional movement.

This class is meant for those who want to increase their mobility but need just a little more guidance and support. Catered to those attending, the movements offered are gentle, yet effective with the intention to increase all ranges of motion and to gain more overall control.

While this is a complementary service to New Leaf patients, all are welcome! We have opened it up to the public for $5 in effort to reach a wider audience, allowing this ancient practice to be more accessible for every-body.

This specialized class is taught by Karli Janine Erickson, RYT 500. To learn more about Karli, visit